The Learning in Progress… Platform

Learning in Progress… is the initiative of two Law researchers at the University of Ottawa, Thomas Burelli and Alexandre Lillo, who are passionate about games and teaching.

The objective of this project is to build and share active and experiential learning activities using games. From classroom simulations to board games, we firmly believe that teaching with game-based strategies has the potential to improve the training of future generations of students.

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The goal of this project is to travel the fantastic lands of learning and discover the wonderful adventures of pedagogy. Equipped with the possibilities offered by game mechanics, we explore an environment full of obstacles to unearth its mysteries. It will be, for example, a matter of exploring the Valley of socialconstructivism, overcoming the Hills of experiential learning, exploring the Forest of inclusion, exploring theentertainment Swamp or skiing down the slopes of the Mountain of active learning. However, completing this long-term quest cannot be achieved by a small group of adventurers alone. In that sense, this platform is a commitment to cooperation, the first step towards building a guild of active and experiential learning through games.


This project aims to:

  • Modernize teaching techniques through the mechanics of games;
  • Produce an experiential, immersive and innovative pedagogy;
  • Advocate for a dynamic and engaging learning;
  • Provide participants with alternative and inclusive learning strategies;
  • Build practical and stimulating activities;
  • Share tools with the academic community in open access;
  • Build a network of exchange and cooperation;
  • Advance teaching practices through scientific collaboration.

Main benefits of using games as a pedagogical strategy

  1. It confronts students with an active and experiential learning environment;
  2. It produces teaching material for educators to base course sessions on;
  3. It produces material for researchers to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in post-secondary teaching and learning.

Content of this platform

This website is a way to share our experience, our material and to create a community momentum in this area. You will find, in open access, all the documentation that we have created, explanations on the construction process and the implementation of the activities. Exchange and feedback are essential to this platform, so please feel free to contact us to discuss the creation of the project or the implementation of your own activity.

Un petit groupe d’étudiant.e.s négocient un traité en droit international de l’environnement dans une salle d’apprentissage actif.

Who are we ?

Founders of the Learning in Progress… project

Thomas Burelli is an Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Ottawa, Civil Law Section. His areas of expertise are environmental law, intellectual property, indigenous peoples’ rights and ethics. His research focuses in particular on the decolonization of relationships between scientists and indigenous communities. He teaches international environmental law, European Union law and natural resources law.

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Alexandre Lillo is a doctoral student and part-time professor at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law. Holder of a master’s degree in general public law and a master’s degree in water management, his research and interests focus on water law and management, environmental law, agricultural law, philosophy of law and university pedagogy. He teaches water law, environmental law and legal research.

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Our Team

Zoé Boirin-Fargues Zoé Boirin-Fargues is a doctoral candidate in law at the University of Ottawa, in co-supervision with the University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne. Her research focuses on the perspectives of mining companies’ managers on the obligations to consult indigenous peoples. She is also completing the training program to obtain the Certificate of Training in University Pedagogy at the University of Ottawa.

Xu FangliangFangliang Xu is a videographer currently working on a National Geographic-funded documentary about the conservation of killer whales in Iceland. She has also worked as a television journalist in Shanghai, Kigali and Ottawa.

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Fei WuFei Wu holds a master’s degree in Sport Management from the University of Ottawa. She has since worked with local, provincial and national sports organizations. She is currently working as Communications Coordinator for Physical Education and Health. She is passionate about the role that sport and sport events management can play in working-class environments and for underprivileged children. Fei is convinced that sport is an asset in personal development and can enable everyone to make a difference in society.

Camille Péloquin is a L.L.L student at the University of Ottawa. She is interested in the various issues related to environmental law and has collaborated in the creation of the simulations on the topic of fresh water and forests under the supervision of Professors Burelli and Lillo.

Our Partners