What to expect from this blog?

What to expect from this blog?

Welcome to the Learning in Progress… platform’s blog! This website was born from a desire to share the experiential teaching activities developed by two researchers in the field of law. By sharing the material created in open access, their goal is to facilitate exchanges with other educators interested in this type of approach.


This blog is intended as a tool to set up a dynamic dialogue within the educational community and a place to share experiences. It will permit the dissemination of tips and tricks, but also failures (which can teach us a lot), in terms of experimentation and integration of games as a learning method. This blog is intended to reflect the Learning in progress… platform as a space for constant enrichment and learning with a passionate community.


This blog will be an opportunity to discuss several specific topics and share key thoughts on this type of activity. It will address for example:

  • Issues associated with the activities developed or observations related to their creation or implementation in the classroom.
  • Different strategies used by the students, but also issues related to the prevention of conflicts and tensions during the activity.
  • The presentation and the fundamental purpose of some of the game mechanisms integrated into activities.
  • Experiments with experiential and playful teaching activities in class or online.
  • Thoughts on the creation of such activities and on the development of some of its components.
  • Research and discoveries in the field of game-based learning.
  • Projects linked to this platform or carried out as part of interdisciplinary collaborations.


Sharing is the key to this initiative; your contribution is therefore essential. We welcome your comments and we will not fail to answer them!

Jamey Laroche