Expert Meeting

Expert Meeting

Overview: Developed as a continuation of the Diplomatic Conference, this second simulation model recreates an expert meeting between representatives of different sectors of civil society. The learners are immersed in a preparatory meeting for the negotiation of an international treaty. In a joint effort of discussion, the participants negotiate the content of a fictitious international treaty on a given matter.

Note: Compared to the Diplomatic Conference, the level of difficulty is increased. This simulation requires that participants have basic knowledge!

Like the Diplomatic Conference, the Expert Meeting can be adapted to several themes. In addition, it is an active, experiential and learner-centered activity with many benefits. For example:

  • It offers a practical learning experience to students and provide them with a form of proactive involvement;
  • It creates educational material for the benefit of the educator, which could be used during classes following the activity;
  • It creates research material contributing to the advancement of knowledge in university teaching and learning;

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